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Questions about Enrichment?

 Elisa Barnes
Parent Coordinator

Greenbrook Office
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PTA Sponsored Enrichment Program @ Greenbrook

Teamed with fantastic instructors from the surrounding area, the Enrichment Program at Greenbrook is run by parent volunteers, and provides exciting after school enrichment opportunities for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students will explore, create and have fun while also learning new skills in a low-key environment. Give your child the chance to try something new!


Enrichment classes are offered before or after school hours on Greenbrook's campus.



  • Enrichment classes will be managed directly through the program instructors.
  • Each program instructor has created their own flyer and registration form that details their class along with all necessary information.
  • Registration forms and payment, made payable to the instructor (not Greenbrook) will either need to be mailed to the provided address or for your convenience, a drop off box will be located in the office. 
  • The individual class registration forms are available online by clinking on the class link.
  • Hard copies of the registration forms will be delivered to the students.
  • Class confirmations and reminders will be emailed directly from the instructors.
  • Enrichment is based on "first come, first serve" so if the maximum amount of students has been met, the instructor will notify you and return your check.
  • The Greenbrook Office will have additional registration forms, along with a drop off box for collection of forms and money. If you choose this route, forms will be collected at the end of the day and mailed to the appropriate instructors.
  • Please email Elisa Barnes at for any further questions.